Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Smooth Pimpin' Drink

Look at this guy.

He's King and he knows it.

Just look at him.

He's all laid-back, sipping tea in a chair, watching while his breakfast waters itself not 50 yards away.

Who chooses these pictures?

Whoever they are, it's obvious they've never been to Africa, seen anything on the National Geographic Channel, and used The Lion King as their main source of reference.

Celestial Seasonings does this shit a lot, I noticed.

They've got Pandas in robes having tea,

Those Butterflies are totally going to drop that teapot.

Bears asleep in chairs having tea,

Covered in fur and asleep next to an open fire? That's just trouble waiting to happen.
and even Dragons and Maidens having tea...

Picture taken straight from a wicked-cool van.
No wonder the Tiger looks pissed:

Is that Mowgli in the background?

Everyone else gets tea but him.

I'd be mad too - goddamn Lion gets a freakin' chair and tea - and the Tiger has to sit in the dirt and look at some dumbass urn. Someone should talk to PETA. Maybe they can get Celestial Seasonings to change their ways.

....or maybe I shouldn't re-organize the tea section at work anymore.

Staring at all those boxes makes you a bit wacky.

But I sure am craving some tea...



  1. That lion is just too damn smug!

  2. A love letter to John Mayer Yesterday...craving tea today/ Its need to come to the capitol city sir..

    1. Soon, Sidekick. I need to have bad drinks and good Pho.

  3. This is amazing, made my day. Hahahaha.

  4. That sleepy bear has a cat in his lap.

    1. That's what they don't tell you. In order for Sleepytime tea to work, you have to have a cat on your lap. (Or a bottle of Ambien)

  5. Ha ha! Thanks for this post. So amazing!