Friday, May 04, 2012

...of the Year.

Today I have weed-whacked, mowed, raked, and organized not only my yard, but also my parent's place as well. (I believe this qualifies me for Son of the Year.)

I've also done laundry, vacuumed, the dishes, scrubbed the toilets* and accomplished other things around the house. (Husband of the Year.)

Did I mention this was after my 6 mile run followed by weights this morning? (Fuckin' Awesome Guy of the Year.)

Throughout my travels and efforts today, I've had 4 travel mugs of Coffee, and plan to have more. (Caffiene Addict of the Year.)

I'm even taking time to type this blog post out. (Blogger of the Year.)

I'm now about to sit back, relax, and celebrate May the Fourth Be With You by watching either my favorite Star Wars movie [Empire], the Crappiest Star Wars movie [Phantom Menace], or the one where I'm entranced by Padme's abs and Obi-Wan's majestic blue eyes [Attack of the Clones]. (Nerd of the Year.)

And I still have one more day off after this! (Most Productive Guy of the Year.)

Fuck, I'm awesome. (Modest Guy of the Year.)


*I'll be honest - they weren't that dirty, and it was a total brush/wipe/flush job.


  1. You're Awesome! :) Shared this post. May the 4th be with you. lol

  2. Crippled in bed last night, I asked husband to clean the toilet. I watched him turn towards the toilet, stare at it and say, "What do you mean? Clean it?"

    "See where there is piss and hair?" I explained. "It shouldn't be there."


    He had to put up with all of my crazy bullshit yesterday, but if we've been together for 12 years and he doesn't know where to start with cleaning a toilet, I think I'm letting him live a soft life...