Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Verbal Diarrhea

Here's the problem: public radio.
At work I am forced to listen to the local FM stations, there's 2 in town, shitty and shittier. I have a big enough beef with the Canadian radio industry on the mandatory playing of Canadian content, but if you have to play any kind of music, at least make sure it's good music. Be it rap, rock, pop, folk, it doesn't matter, these local stations have the talent for scraping the bottom of the barrel no matter what the genre.

Some of the stuff that musical artists try to pull off amazes me. (Note I say "musical artists" and not musicians, that's like apples and oranges.) I hate the lazy lyrics. "Na-nah Na-na-na-na"? What kind of shit is that? If you have something to say, say it. If you run out of words, end the fucking song. Even James Brown fell victim to this. "Heeeeeeyyah"? Come on James, don't cop out, write a real lyric. It's not just soul music and eighties shit either. Rap / Hip-hop is just as guilty. How many rap songs have a part where all they're saying is " Uh-huh, yeah, come on' " Kind of lazy considering all you are doing is talking in rhythm to the beat.

And why do the stations insist on playing the same songs over and over again? I swear to God, it seems that, to the local station, Neil Young only wrote one song : Southern Man, and Lynyrd Skynyrd only had one as well: Sweet Home Alabama. I mean really. This is just one example, there are thousands more. Play a Fuckin' b-side already! There are normally 12-15 songs on an album, why play the same one over and over. I can understand somewhat for those one-hit- wonder bands, but for artists that have been around for years? Eric Clapton wrote more than just "Tears in Heaven"

Now I'm not an elitist musical snob like some people I know, and just because I grew up in the eighties does not mean that I think that that eras music is the greatest, in fact, I think 98% of eighties music is shite. I appreciate all music, except those that "The Man" tells me I have to like "Just because they are Canadian." I'll support good music, no mater where it comes from. If a good band is out there and they happen to be from Canada, great. But I will not be force fed shit like Brian Adams and Shania Twain and told that they are great artists and wonderful Canadians. And Celine Dion? I wouldn't waste crusty ear wax on that Shrieking Whore.

But until my plan for world domination is fully realized, I'm at the mercy of public radio.

"When Lord? When's My Time?"


  1. Just a side comment. Part of Celine Dion's Las Vegas act is to cover Michael Jackson's 'Bad' song. You know the one: it's got him grabbing his crotch and hooting .. in a subway, I mean; figured out which one yet?

    I've seen the video clip. More and more, I am sure that Celine Dion is performing only because the Devil obligated her to eternal service in exchange for mild popularity. I can think of worse tortures, but a bad lunge act in Vegas may just be her hell.

  2. AArrgghhh! why are we hating on Canadian content!! Now i agree Neil Young did write more than southern man and such. This part of the argument I have No qualms with. However why not support the Canadian side of the industry/ If we didnt have canadian content rules alot of canadian artist would be bowled over by american artists that people "think" are more talented. At least with the canadain content rules we have a choice and at the same time can help out the canadaina music industry. Its like just because a group or artist is from the states that they are automatically more talented and worth more of our time. I say bullshit. Now dont get me wrong most of my favorite groups are american, but dont focus on the bad aspects of canadian music( bryan adams. celine dion, avril lavigne) Try to listen to something truly canadian. i know how you feel about sam roberts and i would be remiss not to mention the almight hip( i can see the look of disgust on your face from here)but what about blue rodeo, big sugar or even some of the newer bands like the trews. dont be a hater embrass your counrtries culture is that so hard just give it a chance..