Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"Kickin' it Ol' Skool"

Just got GTA San Andreas for the X-box a couple of days ago and after playing for a while, I have some questions.

  1. Is it wrong that in the game, I'm a ripped, badass black man who deals street justice swiftly with my homies and my mac-10, and in real life I'm white, chubby, don't even own a gun, and would report swiftly to the law a simple driving infraction?
  2. Are black people upset about all the white kids wanting to be black? First we steal their music, then our teens ripp off any fad that makes them appear black, and now we are pretending to be black in a video game?
  3. Are there any black kids out there saying "Why do I want to play this game when I can just go out on the street and do it in real life?" That would be like me buying a game where you made this guy sit at a computer all day long.
  4. You know if there was a game with a buff Mormon guy coming back to exact revenge on the gangs who threw him out of Utah, all the while marrying as many women as he can, while trying to one-up his neighbor who just appointed deacon at Temple, there would be NO blacks buying it. There would also be screams of protest from Salt Lake City. Yet no outcry from the black community. Are they just more laid back , or do they really give a shit?

Just some observations I've had.

No I'm not racist.

No I'm not from Port Alberni

Yes I like the game.

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