Thursday, June 09, 2005

Know Your Role

Bish , I swear to God, never has one comment made me laugh so much.
Please continue to be one of the regulars to check this blog. It's all about the back and forth.

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  1. Ah, the warm smell of appreciation.

    Oh no, that's not the smell of appreciation! Damn those scarce public toilets.

    {knock knock} Dammit. Apparently Mr Harper's already in the shitter. (Since I hate that entire bunch, I'm just tickled he's doing so poorly with his Bibles-not-Brothels platform).

    Which reminds me. Ya know what we should do if we wanted to make some money around here? We're so sorely missing out on two sins we could easily tax (one more easily than the other), and it'd almost make sense in one of the cases too.

    I'll post that here or there tomorrow, depending on how big it gets before I hit send.