Tuesday, June 26, 2012


With all the visits back and forth to to see my Mom at the Hospital, I've gleaned some important facts from the Doctors and Nurses around her.

It seems to me that the most relevant things for them to know about anyone in regards to their health are:
  • How did you sleep?
  • How much did you eat/drink?
  • Did you take a shit?
Sleep and nutrition/hydration I can understand - it's the Hospital's unnatural preoccupation with bowel movements that concerns me. It's my Mother's lungs that don't work great, people - questioning what's coming out the other end just seems weird.

They must know what they are doing though, because she is slowly getting better. Her dissatisfaction at the moment is being in a four-person room (and on the door side, not the window side) instead of the window-view, solo area she had in ICU - she could look at the deer grazing on the helipad* to pass the time, and she misses that. I've convinced her that being out of the Intensive Care Unit is a better thing, regardless of view.

She did state however, that she can't wait to get home - at least she won't have someone asking her about her colon every 10 minutes.

I'm going to try and find a way to work that into our daily talks from now on...


*not shitting you - actual deer munching away on the grass beside the helipad. It is a Canadian hospital, after all.


  1. deer, not moose?

    i'm glad to her she's on the mend. take care of yourself, too.

    and i didn't mean that in dirty way. :)

  2. they're just checking the pain killers aren't causing the usual side effect.
    can be a problem.
    glad she's out of ICU, all the best