Thursday, June 07, 2012

Water Wings.

I'm trying something new in both my training and general life, and while rewarding, it's kind of driving me crazy.

It's Hydration.

Basically, I've realized that in the general course of the day, I don't drink enough water. Sure, if you count the kind that is mixed with ground up coffee beans, sugar, and cream, I drink tons of it - but not so much of just the regular stuff.

So I've been trying to drink a bit before I run and whenever I'm thirsty during the day, I try to reach for the water bottle instead of the coffee cup. It's been pretty good so far, except for one thing:

I keep having to pee all the time.

Maybe it's the added fluids, maybe my bladder is only the size of a walnut - I'm not sure what it is, but I think I've turned into a 5-foot-10 water conversion unit.

I think my kidneys are working overtime just to get me to put down the water bottle. It hasn't affected my running yet, but the day I have to stop in the middle of a race to pee, it's over.

I'm willing to give it another week but if I keep peeing like this, I'm going to have to have Adult Diapers underneath my running shorts.

I'd stay and chat, but I'm on my lunch, and I have to pee before I go back.


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  1. A) This captcha think is getting ridiculous. It just bounced me out, deleted my comment, and I'm now expected to respond to blurry pictures of numbers. WTF?

    B) Take your weight, divide in 2 and that's how many oz you should drink daily. More if you sweat heavy. And if you're thirsty, you're already behind the hydration 8-ball. Your bladder will catch up to your new water intake soon. Trust me...I'm the WORST at hydration, and now I'm dealing with all sorts of minor physical annoyances.