Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I Feel:

  • That since today was National Running Day, I made sure to log some miles (which I would have done anyway) and I did a tempo run (7:15min/mile) just to show those pesudo-runners who's in charge on the roads.
  • That since yesterday was a hill day, maybe putting a tempo run right after wasn't the best choice.
  • That since coming back from Vegas, all I've done is work and run. (The Wife forbade me from running in Vegas) I can't complain about the running, but the work really sucks.
  • That I should get a medal for every person I don't slap after coming back from holidays. That includes customers, co-workers, and just random people on the street.
  • I've decided that I really like the dry heat - Vegas was around 40C (100F) and I loved it. Coming back to the humidity of the West Coast just made me feel sticky and smelling like a moose.
  • That given the choice, I would never run another hill again. Problem is, you can't go more than 1km from my house without having to go up some sort of mountain.
  • That I'm both amazed and appalled at Helicopter Cat.
  • That since (because of social/personal obligations) I'm moving my Sunday run to Saturday, my Saturday run to Friday, my Friday run to Today, and Today's run to Tomorrow, I may lose track of exactly what year it is.



  1. Helicopter Cat really disturbs me too. At first I thought it was alive, which made sense...but when I found it was stuffed..well it became quite gross.

    I want to slap people all the time, and my vacation was weeks ago!

    And my last comment is that this humidity SUCKS, and hills are a close second.

  2. Okay, I'm intrigued - I haven't heard of Helicopter Cat - but going to check it out.

    Killer tempo this morning. Way to crush it!

  3. National Running Day!!! Man thats it Im going for a run.... right after I look up Helicopter Cat!

  4. Jesus. Who makes a helicopter out of a stuffed cat? Ick. It's weird. I need to forget I saw this!