Sunday, February 20, 2011


Dear Mr. Homeless Man:

I do not know how you came to be in your current situation - drugs, misfortune, the CIA, whatever - and I don't really care.

What I do know is that continually asking me for change while I'm waiting for the bus in Vancouver does not endear me towards your plight.

Frankly, your strategy of asking for a quarter, being denied, and then asking for a dime and a quarter is baffling. I'm not sure of your profession before you decided to take up the homeless "gig" - but I suspect it was as a unsuccessful hostage negotiator.

I do admire your perseverance, though, and if you put as much effort into 8 hours at a actual job vs 18 hours of begging, you just might get ahead in the world.

I understand you're "off the grid" , and "living free", so the chances of you stumbling across this piece of digital advice are very slim, but if you do, please take it to heart.

Clean up, get a job, and stop being such an annoying dick to random strangers on the street.


P.s. - I stuck a quarter in my piece of gum and put it under the bench - pretend it's buried treasure!


  1. Congratulations on your blog is wonderful

  2. Anonymous5:27 pm

    yea you had me as a newfound reader until this one.

    man you better never hope you lose your job and your freinds and your family in some freak alternate time warp (created by your super hero) with that time rewind remote. Because "what goes around" sucks the big one and no one will give you jack, jack.