Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Motivational Imbalance

My first day off is usually a write-off.

It's not that I don't want to accomplish anything - believe me, my ambition in the hours leading up to my days off is astounding. I have plans to clean the house, do enough laundry to get through the year, balance the budget, cure cancer, and possibly run a 20-miler - and all that before the kids are out of school.

But somehow, it just never seems to work out that way.

I'm probably going to blame it on tasty coffee and the Internet. I'd have to say that those two distractions are what eat up most of my time. And podcasts - sweet,sweet, podcasts.

Hence the fact that my second day off is usually just a catch up day - the house is cleaned, the laundry done, and I'll usually get 7-10 miles in. I guess the balancing and disease curing will have to wait until I'm on holidays.

Sure, that'll work.


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