Sunday, September 04, 2005

I Got Fixed At The Garage.

Holy Shit.
That's the easiest way for me to sum up the Pearl Jam concert.
I have to thank Joe for taking me, as I was not the biggest fan of the band, I knew their music, but I always had them pictured as a whiney, politically active, crying-about-the-trouble-of-fame band.
I was wrong.
Now this was not my first concert, I've been to quite a few in my day, but these were the shitiest seats EVER, and you know what?
It didn't matter.
The band came out to rock and they did. From the first chords of "Release" to the end of their 3rd, three song encore, they held the crowd in the palm of their hand and there was no letting go. I was totally impressed.
Now normally after a concert, I don't feel like listening to that band for a while. I've had my fill, slaked my thirst, and just want to move on. Not this time. I've looked up the set list from that night, and am in the process of making a CD so I can keep on listening.
Now I'm not turning into a born again fanboy, but I have to admit, I was wrong about this band. I never gave them a chance, and after seeing them live, I'm not going to make the same mistake with other bands. I'll try to be open minded.

I don't think that it'll work for every band though. But if I ever feel like watching a grown man cry onstage about losing his car keys and having sympathetic menstrual cramps, I'll go see a Tragically Hip concert.

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  1. Im glad that I could could help you get fixed..and yhe processcess didn't include a brick and a pair of gloves..maybe now you will listen to me a little more...and don't worry hip fans don't want you there anyway..hahah