Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wrong Place in the Queue.

I swear Blogger hates me.

They're subtle about it, but I think they do.

I was looking at my Blog on a different computer, and just for shits and giggles, I clicked the "Next Blog >>" thing at the top, just to see what was next in line for someone who was just visiting my little space of online real estate. I get a lot of traffic from that "Next Blog" button, so it's kinda nice to see what's behind me, and maybe where people are coming from.

What I saw kinda shocked me, so I clicked again. And again. And again.

Each of the blogs that followed mine had a common thread - They were written by middle-aged Christian women writing about their families and their faith in the Lord.


How did I get in with that bunch?

If it had been just one, I could understand - the random nature of the Internet is kinda sickly-weird in the fact that it would stick a quasi-religious blog behind a guy who talks about his dick as much as he talks about his kids.

But three in a row? That's just too much coincidence.

I think Blogger's just fucking with me - all those posts bitching about Blogs of Note are finally starting to push some buttons... I could probably force them to move me quite easily - a few full-frontal shots should get their attention.

I've got them just where I want them.



  1. I just wanted to say I agree and it is seriously fucking up my gig! I just want to find more "running" blogs. (no offense, Lord) Blogger...please hear our pain and give us a search feature!!!

  2. you write so nice. liked the way to pen down your thoughts and all.

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  3. hi there.. you have a wonderful site.. i love reading your posts.. keep posting..

  4. ... funny thing... I was on a Blog that I follow and I clicked next blog... and yours popped up, with this story. weird, huh!

  5. This is totally true! I get a consistent trail of like boring mid-west gardening blogs. lol.
    But hey, how can you tell that your traffic is coming from you being the "next blog?" ?

  6. @ Pandar -

    Because I'm a closet nerd who is obsessed with information, I use Statcounter to track where people come from/look at/ etc on the blog - it shows me that Blogger's navbar is a main source of my traffic. Those mid-west soccer Mom's gotta be coming from somewhere, yo.