Friday, October 14, 2011

Comment Commentary.

I love getting comments.

You have no idea the joy I get when I recieve a notification to my inbox saying that someone has posted a comment to my blog. It means that they've read something of mine and liked/disliked it enough to take the time to respond to it. Be it a compliment or a complaint, it's welcomed.

Except for this guy.

This guy commented on a post from 2005, and while I was initally excited that someone was perusing the archives, (There's gold in them there hills, people.) the comment itself leaves a lot to be desired.
  1.  It's in Russian. Tip to the commenter: When leaving comments on an blog that's written in English, it's best to go with that language. Do I go to Arabic blogs and leave comments in Danish? Hell no - because I can't read Arabic and I eat Danish, I don't speak it.
  2. After running it through Google Translate, I find out the commenter's name is "Removal of Iron Magnetic Separator". His parents must have fucking hated him. Although the abbreviated "RIMS" makes him sound like a cool secondary character in The Fast & The Furious.
  3. His comment is "Supplies of iron, magnetic separators and metal detectors for the industry." WTF? What kinda comment is that? You are adding nothing to the conversation, sir - you remind me of that kid in Elementary school who would interupt our G.I.Joe conversations with repeated shouts of "Pudding!".
  4. He somehow bypassed the incredible capatcha security Blogger has on the comments section, meaning he's either smarter than I think, or someone's trained a monkey really well.
  5. I will give him credit - commenting on the post about anonymity on the Internet is veeerrry subtle.

So thanks for checking out the blog, RIMS - but no thanks. I'm not in need of a magnetic separator, (my personality is magnetic enough) and I get all my iron from Broccoli. (Veggies - Yay!)

I hope my calling to task of this wayward feedback doesn't discourage others from commenting - I do seriously have a mini-nerdgasm when that notification pops up - and I don't want that to stop.



  1. You should repost "Wrong place in the Queue"; you got a shit-ton of comments out of that.. I try to only comment on one out of five, not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I did a WP blog for like a year and besides friends and family, all I got was spam comment BS, so I just took them all seriouse and wrote like a full response to each, kinda took it back that way.

  2. I just got another comment from a different Russian: голые толстые.

    After running it through Google Translate, it means "Naked Fat"

    Who are these people?

  3. You may be on to some previously "not taken seriously" market of readers/observers. I have a challenge for you. Do a post entirely in rushin, lol. Google is gonna start world war three if they don't get the kinks out of Google translate.

  4. Dlae,

    For the past 2 months I've been following your blog. I read your daily updates and I find them interesting. Funny :)
    I leave this genuine comment after reading your post that says it gives you joy to see a comment notification.
    Have a nice day :)