Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Itinerant Thoughts.

Waiting around for the Sidekick to show up, (We're going to record another podcast today) so I thought I'd fire off some random thoughts:
  1. I'm stuffed up (head cold) so I can't taste anything. Life sucks. However, lack of flavor just means you notice texture more. Somehow this is even less appetizing - Muffins lose all their appeal.
  2. The gym is a funny place. We go there to be healthier and look better, but we get creeped out when someone looks at our new, improved form. (Ok, maybe the staring creeps me out.)
  3. On that note, I'm assuming it's my new, improved form that's being checked out - could be that my underwear is showing, or I put my shorts on inside-out (again).
  4. I think that people treat each new iPhone announcement like a proclamation from God - Pretty soon it will be Tim Cook coming down from the mountaintop in Cupertino with a tablet in each hand. The fanboy fervor will be the same.
  5. It really bugs me when I'm out of the loop on something - I don't know much about the Amanda Knox thing or what's going on with Occupy Wall Street - that's what happens when you only watch the Sports channels for a week or so.
  6. I'm curious to see how my voice sounds on today's podcast - will the head cold add to the deep richness of my voice, or will a nasally wheeze be all you hear?
  7. I get a lot of traffic from a site called - I somehow find that incredibly ironic. (And that's actual irony, people - not the Alanis Morrissette definition.)
  8. Just noticed that in that video, only Driver-Alanis is wearing her seatbelt - I guess clones deserve to die if there's a crash?
  9. I start holidays in two days - you could be jealous, but it's October and it's raining, so you probably won't be. 
  10. But right after Holidays is the Sam Roberts concert - you can definitely be jealous of that.


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  1. I agree with you on the gym.... for some reason.... people get all creeped out when Im staring at them in their spandex? I dont get it? Im not being weird... I even offer them some of the popcorn Im eating!