Wednesday, November 19, 2008

XBox Alive.

See that character to the right? Yeah - that's me. Or XBox Live's version of me, anyway.

The new console update went through today, meaning that my XBox 360 is now somehow a cousin to the Wii.

I don't really see the point of the avatars. Unless they plan on having some interactive social going on, there's really no use for them. The main thing I'm going to do is play a highly evolved form of dress-up, making the virtual me look like some pimped-out motherfucker.

(Although the way he stands is kinda gay. I hope there's a setting for that. Maybe Stand Like You Tha Bomb? I'll even take Stand Like A Normal Guy - anything's better than what's there. (It looks like my guy is trying to decide whether to head for a latte or go look at fabric swatches.)

For now, it's a nifty addition to something I already use on a regular basis. Will I get more out of it? Who knows.
Does the cartoon me look damn sexy? You bet.


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