Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Missing The Point.

I could write something mournful and sad about Remembrance Day. I'd thought about it on my walk to work this morning.

But then I realized I had a hole in the bottom of my shoe, and trying to avoid deep puddles while my sock absorbed about 2 cups of water took up most of my time.

Do you want to know what sucks? Working in wet socks. Do you know what sucks even more? Having a job where you go in and out of freezers frequently - in wet socks.

By the time I went home for lunch and changed, my left foot looked like I had spent two hours in a cold tub. (Not as fun as you think.) Sliding my foot into that warm, clean sock was almost as good as sliding into - well, you know.

But I did make time to stop at 11am and pause to reflect what others have sacrificed so that I may have the leisure to bitch about my feet. It may not sound like much, but to each their own.


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