Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Music is Memory

I've been making a CD to introduce the Hetro-Life Partner to the great 80's music that he sadly missed out on. You know what I'm talking about. When big hair ruled the earth and Grunge was like the dirt between hippies toes. Call it rock, glam, hair metal, whatever, it's the music I grew up on and just making the CD has brought back a lot of memories for me.

I find that music has that ability. I know that a good song can affect how you are feeling now, but I find, for me, that music's most powerful effect on me is the way it dregs up memories of the past, be they fair or foul. People, Places, Events - all of these are in some way "bookmarked" in my brain according to the music (or individual songs) I was listening to at the time.


  1. Tesla: I first heard this band when my friend loaned me the tape and said that they were really good. Believe it or not, I stuck this tape in my walkman while I was mowing the parent's lawn as part of my weekly chores, so now anytime I hear any of the songs from Mechanical Resonance I remember mowing that lawn. And I haven't lived there for over 12 years.
  2. Blackfish: A southern rock band you have never heard of.
  3. Juliet: Another band you've never heard of. First listened to on a Vancouver concert trip with Mooley, Jeeves, Zoffman, and Thompson. Reminds me of drunk driving on the Second Narrows bridge on the way to the concert, and scaring people in other cars with our rockin' out headbanging ways.
  4. Danger Danger: I have a feeling you think I'm just making up band names, but trust me, they were,(and I believe still are,) a real band. Anything of theirs reminds me of one past girlfriend just because She hated them so much. That's right. She didn't like the music, the lyrics, even the way the band looked. So I listened to them as much as possible. That's how I roll. Passive-aggressive macho shtick is what I'm all about baby.
  5. White Lion: Lots of people memories tied to this one, and all from different times in my life. The first teen breakup song, Wait. The trying to express my love thru song song, You're all I need. And to top it all off, My wedding song, Death do us Part. This band seemed to have it all, except they didn't last.

I know I've listed mostly 80's tunes and bands, but there's way more out there that I could list. As I said, to me music is memory. What music gets your memory going?


  1. Ahh, now you speak of a topic that I hold near and dear to my heart, that of music. I begin to wonder if you pick these topics just so I'll comment and start one of my "musical elitist snob" like rants that you say I go on but oh well.Music holds many memories for me,be it John Mayer's debut Room for Squares that I havent listened to in a year, for reasons that I don't need to get into here but you know already, like you said best to leave that sleeping dog lie. There are cd's in the collection that remind me of one house I lived in with the roommates when we were the party house(Our lady Peace-Clumsy,Bush-Sixteen stone, Road Apples by the Hip). I also find that it can be brought down to individual songs as well. Like I will always remeber that it was Phish's live version of "Bouncin around the room" that our brother in Ontario(shout out to the 'Shwa!)put on a mix tape for me that got me in to Phish. Or That we Used to listen to Limp Bizkit- Insignificant Other over and over again in the trailer, ah yes the good times of hearing the sound of Fred durst being drowned out by "One Time in Port Alberni....". I am much like you I could go on about the many, many musical meemories that I have based on music(listening to Heuy Lewis and the News- sports with my dad driving around Christmas shopping one year)but let me just say I am in my mind a child of the eighties I was just the more main stream stuff at that age my friend.Guns'n' Roses, Bon Jovi,Def Leopord,and the birth of rap Run Dmc and of course one of my favorites still today the almighty Beastie Boys! This is getting a little long maybe I should have just bolgged it.HAHA. But I look forward to the Cd of which you speak, Im working on one for you to casue you do need a little culture and help.HAHAHa.

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