Saturday, August 27, 2005

I Like Jam On My Toast

Just a quick update to let those who care know I'm still alive.
I'm working an eight day streak right now because I requested some time off to go to the Pearl Jam concert in Vancouver with the Hetro Life Partner. It should be an awesome concert, and I'm really itchin' to get out of town.
To keep those who read the site occupied, and to give myself something else to write about when I get back, I ask you one question:
  • Tell me your top ten movies that you just love to watch over and over.

There was a list on the forums the other day and I posted a couple but I figure Ten is a nice round number and I'll let you know mine when I get back.

And no, porn does not count, so I'll have to re-think my personal top 5


  1. - Memento
    - Princess Bride
    - So I Married An Ax Murderer
    - Pirates of the Caribbean
    - Groundhog Day
    - Platoon
    - Highlander
    - LA Confidential
    - Pulp Fiction

    Honourable Mention:
    - Clay Pigeons

  2. OK here goes the first ten that come to mind not inculding Kevin Smith movies and Star Wars.
    -Pulp Fiction
    -The Usual Suspects
    -Reservior Dogs
    -8Mile(yeah I know...)
    -Fight Club
    -The Matrix(I did hear they made more than one ...)
    -High Fidelity
    -The Commitments
    -The Untouchables...

    hows that for a mixed up list...Pearl Jam will be fun my friend.....