Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Paradise is...

  1. Sleeping in as long as you want.
  2. Waking up to the most mind-blowing hummer known to exist.
  3. Rolling over for a half-hour nap.
  4. A shower hot enough to boil an egg in 3 minutes. You're in for 15.
  5. The Grand Forks Breakfast (French Toast Style) waiting for you.
  6. A stroll along the Seawalk, admiring all of God's creations, their bikinis, and some of that nature shit too.
  7. Relaxing on your back deck with a coffee, a good book, and the second best hummer you've had all day.
  8. A late afternoon lunch at a sidewalk cafe, admiring the scenery that walks by. (Possible encounter with sexy waitress, and the bill's taken care of.)
  9. Reaching in your pocket and finding $25 you didn't know you had.
  10. A steak dinner , grilled to perfection. I'm talkin' a manly steak, like half a cow.
  11. Watching one of your all time favorite movies, newly released on DVD, with extra commentary previously unheard by human ears.
  12. The rest of the evening having the type of sex that would make God himself admit that he's not sure the equipment was made to take that kind of prolonged use.

Was my day anywhere close to what's described above? Not Fuckin' likely.


  1. You really dont ask for much in life do you. I'm sorry did you want your cake and eat it too. Jesus, but I guess that is why they call it paradise. Me i dont ask for as much..mearly death to the backstreet boys and celine dion. Now that would be a perfect world......

  2. Nice fantasy. Can I borrow it sometime?