Saturday, January 22, 2011


It's that time of year again - weight loss time.

Since I have to lean out anyway for the races I'm training for, I decided to go for the added motivation of joining not one, but two weight loss contests, one at the gym, and the other is at work.

I know your asking yourself: "Are you fucking nuts?"

While my sanity can be called.into question at times, I think it'll work out fine - the weigh-ins are on different days, which will help me stay focused through the week. (All part of the plan.)

Yeah - believe it or not, I actually have a plan..



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  3. yes a plan is vital....I started training for mma fighting....its a whole new sort of motivation when you know another guy is going to try to rip you to ribbons...know what I mean??? lol
    good luck with your plan!!