Saturday, April 04, 2009


Reasons why I haven't blogged lately:
  1. I'm lazy.
  2. I have absolutely nothing interesting to say, unless you want to hear about Running or Dairy Products.
  3. I watched Quantum of Solace last night, and after seeing James Bond kill everybody who even remotely wronged him, my rant didn't seem that important.
  4. I was busy carb-loading for my 15K race tomorrow.
  5. For some reason, clean clothes and dishes won out over blogging, so I did laundry and housework instead.
  6. My kids won't leave me alone. They demand constant attention, and since I'm the greatest Dad in the world, I oblige.
  7. When I do have a half-hour to myself, I "relieve stress" - otherwise the world would be an unhappy place.
  8. I do have a job, you know - and it's not blogging. (Although it should be, I think I'd like that.)
  9. The sun was shining.
  10. After staring at the monitor for 15 minutes, I drew a complete blank.

I know they aren't good excuses, but there they are.

I will get back to something regular, I promise; after this race and once everything else (drama) settles down, I'll be back on track and regular updates of pointless observations and my bitching will continue.


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